Korean Music and Drama Over Hollywood?

If I had to choose this 15-16 years ago (I’m 30 by the way! ) which one that I like between the emerging Korean wave and Hollywood, I would have been choosing the latter. Well, the question might not be so relevant at that time, since K-wave has probably started to be craze only within the past few years. So, there’ll be no Girls Generation, unfortunately :( But since this question just recently came up. I would happily and proudly say, ‘Korea, please!’

To be honest, when I was 14 or 15 years old, I had a major crush on American and UK boybands. But, then again, who didn’t back then? I remember their songs by heart and would just love to put their pin ups on my room wall. And I would definitely choose the ‘Western’ over whatever ‘Asian’. I even remember that one time I had to raise one of my eyebrow when I knew a classmate of mine really had a major crush over Aaron Kwok. I was thinking, ‘What? I mean…whattt?’. I would have probably said something like. ‘Ewww…you’re so tacky. You really need to update your sense of fandom. Whatever.’

I sincerely apologize for that dear friend. I promise I would never judge anyone else by their taste anymore. Taste is yours and yours alone. Although, of course, if you have ever studied Bourdieu, you will learn that social classes are also built up by taste. You’re cool if you’re a jazzy person. And you’re really in a low rank if you like dangdut (one of Indonesian music genre, influenced by Indian music and probably also safe to say, dance movement).

However, I guess when you start hitting 30, you hormones start to calm down and I’m happy to say that I start to make new decisions based on a very new and fresh angles. And more excitingly I start to like things as they are. No more pressure to like something just because my girl friends like them or the guy I have a crush on like it (or my husband, in this case), or just a simple reason of wanting to look cool. I only have the wish to be comfortable, that’s all now.

And the K-wave of the sorts kinda provide me just that. I like their cuteness over the sexy and raunchy image of Western musicians/actors. I really adore the youthness and innocence. I feel like dancing to their music and could see why these Asian faces really provide an alternative for a lot of people after being bombarded with a series of sexy looks and exchanging partners for years through the Western domination on media. They really provide me the kind of new role model that younger teens and older kids can look up to, because they don’t try to be sexy (arguable, because some are quite provocative as well, but generally this is what I feel) and just try to be their new older sister.

So cool or no cool, now I choose Girls Generations!!!! Oh and how I love their Japan concert in 2011!